Laboratory testing is the bedrock of our business and incorporates the full spectrum of microbiological laboratory testing. As a fully accredited organisation, all of our laboratory methods are compliant with, or based upon, British or EU Standards. We can facilitate most tests varying from traditional TVC tests to Yeast and Mould, Plate Counts, Specific pathogens and Preservative Efficacy Tests (Challenge Test). As we specialise in the testing of toiletries and HHP, we can provide customers with a truly cost-effective and efficient service.

Although our core business primarily relates to toiletries and household products, because of our flexible approach to problem solving, we are frequently asked to assist in other areas of testing. We have extensive experience in the testing of white goods, household appliances, textiles and paint.

Testing of swabs and waters is carried out by MSL to monitor hygiene, during GMP audits and when trouble shooting. We can have a qualified member of staff at your site within 48hrs to help solve contamination issues. Please contact us if you require this service.

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