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How can MSL help?

As a specialist supplier of Regulatory and Responsible Person services to the Cosmetics and Personal Care Industry MSL have taken the following steps to secure regulatory compliance for our new and existing clients:-

  • Establishing a subsidiary business in Dublin, Ireland while also maintaining the UK business. This allows MSL to offer dual-RP services covering both UK and EU with the same provider (including separate UK & EU addresses).
  • Maintain close communication with informed parties. MSL are engaging with Competent Authorities and industry bodies in the EU to promote our approach and liaising with UK Government organisations to assist and understand the development of the new UK regulatory system.
  • Wherever possible and appropriate ensure dual compliance of products for both the UK and EU markets – thereby mitigating all potential obstacles to trade.

It is imperative that affected businesses understand that similar actions will be required whether a Brexit deal is agreed or not – but no deal is likely to mean no transition period and a much greater risk of sudden problems after 29th March 2019.

For more information on how we can help you, please contact Alex Fotheringham –