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New Purpose-Built Facility for EN17272 Airborne Disinfection Testing – Book Now

Safeguarding shared spaces with the CleanSure Hygiene Auditing Solution

Companies preparing for their employees to return to work can now ensure their premises are clean and healthy spaces for staff, thanks to our new CleanSure Hygiene Auditing Solution. Using our vast microbiology and industrial hygiene experience, we can help your organisation check that the cleaning procedures in your workplace follow best practice and that they are robustly audited. This provides an innovative solution at a time when auditing is particularly difficult due to social distancing.

Our experienced audit team will work with you to identify your needs, and talk you through the process, which is incredibly straightforward:

1.       Once your needs have been determined, we will ship the sampling equipment to you, along with instructions and return packaging

2.       You take swab samples around your workplace and pop them in the packaging provided, and return to us

3.       We test the samples and send your report within 3-5 days. As well as the results, we will also send a bespoke set of recommendations to help you stay ahead of any potential hygiene problems

By providing your team with everything required to carry out sampling and identify problem areas, the CleanSure service is a quick, reliable, and effective way to ensure shared environments are clean and safe for all occupants.

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Determining the Frequency of Monitoring