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The EU Cosmetic Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009 is characterised by a partnership between manufacturer safety responsibility and authority’s in-market control. Post Market Surveillance is the practice of monitoring the safety of a cosmetic or toiletry after it has been released on the market. This is referred to as "Cosmetovigilance".

An important aspect of the Regulation concerns post-market surveillance to be carried out by manufacturers, importers and distributors. All cosmetic products placed on the EU market must first undergo a thorough safety assessment. Subsequent to this comprehensive safety assessment, companies and competent authorities should monitor the actual safety of products when they go on the market.

At MSL we carry out Post Market Surveillance and perform appropriate checks on the products for which we act as Responsible Person and also on a project basis for retailers, brand owners, importers and distributors. The Portal Notification will trigger the Post Marketing Surveillance process leading to inspection and in-market control from the authority’s side.

Why do we carry out In Market Surveillance?

  • To monitor the ongoing safety of marketed Cosmetics and Toiletries
  • Some adverse effects may only be discovered once a product is widely used
  • To ensure a product is fully compliant (CPSR, PIF and full notification). We can, and will work under an NDA.
  • To ensure the product label matches the CPNP information
  • To protect the brand