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In order to sell your cosmetic products onto the European Market, the product must have a Responsible Person.

“Only cosmetic products for which a legal or natural person is designated within the community as ‘responsible person’ shall be placed on the market” (Art.4, p.1).

The Responsible Person must be within the European Union and has a significant number of duties all with the aim of ensuring the product is safe for consumer use.
Due to this the Responsible Person organisation must have the technical capabilities and expertise to complete all of the required duties.

MSL is one of Europe's largest 3rd Party Responsible Persons and we act in this role for more than 150 brands from around the world.
We specialize in helping you get your products onto the EU market quickly, efficiently and safely while supporting you through the regulatory process.
As Responsible Person we engage in:

  • Completing CPNP Notifications
  • Reviewing labelling and claims
  • Communication of serious undesirable effects
  • Discussion with Competent Authorities and Customs
  • Support with GMP
  • Completion of Cosmetic Product Safety Reports
  • Generation and management of the Product Information File

As Responsible Person, it is our job to protect consumers and support your business.

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